Chhattisgarh state - Road Policy
1. Preface and Objectives

Road Policy of the State provides a framework for future plans, programmers and actions for development of and efficient road network in Chhattisgarh. The primary objectives of this Road Policy are to : 

  • Ensure good road connectivity in rural areas with particular emphasis on access to districts and block headquarters, healthcare centers, educational institutions, agricultural markets, tourism locations and cultural heritage sites.
  • Promote two north-south and four east-west high speed corridors to develop Chhatisgarh into a regional logistics and transshipment hub.
  • Facilitate social and economic development by strengthening the road network around industrial areas and growth centers.
  • Improve connectivity between industrial / cluster areas.
  • Convert all national highways into two lane roads and convert three of the busiest national highways. 
2. Strategies

To meet the objectives laid down in this Policy, the Government will adopt. four broad strategies:

  • Integrated road development and management
  • Private sector participation
  • Dedicated funding
  • Capacity building of State institutions.

STRATEGY I-Integrated Road Development and Management

Cluster based development is a key strategy tore the overall economic and social development of the Ste. Accordingly, the Government would preview and Imp Jove the road network with the objective of:

  • Developing high speed access corridors
  • Linking economic clusters i.e industrial areas commercial  centers and agricultural mantis.
  • Integrating Prime Minister Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGS Y) with the overall road development programmer
STRATEGY 2. Private Sector Participation

The magnitude of private sector participation will need to Increase manifold to meet overall finding needs. To achieve this, the Government will:

  • Formulate guidelines to support private sector. participation.
  • Ensure transparency fl bidding and selection criteria.
  • Provide fiscal support to private sector initiatives.
STRATEGY 3- Dedicated Funding

The Government will take steps to ensure & dedicated funding mechanism for the development of roads in the State. This will ensure not only systematic maintenance of roads but also timely completion of projects.

STRATEGY 4- Capacity Building
The Government will strengthen its institutions to enhance project preparation, contract and project management  skills. The Government will progressively focus on playing a more broad-based role lit road management with greater  emphasis on planning and project management.

3.1  Action Plan   Interpreted Rood Development and Management 

The various steps that would be undertaken by the Government to ensure integrated road development include:

Project prioritization: The government will put in place a project prioritization framework. This framework will specify the strategic and economic rationale on the basis of which Government funds will be allotted to various road projects. The framework will give weight age to economic and social factors and will be used to create a shelf of projects along with a time-bound action plan for implementation. It will also identify road projects that are particularly suitable for private sector participation.

Development of high speed access corridors: The Government will, in association with die private sector. take up the development of two north-south and four east-west high spee4 corridors. This will position Chhattisgarh as a regional logistics and transshipment destination with Saraipaui-Raipur-Rajnandgaon as its hub? The Government will categories improvement of different road sections into specific projects, integrating these into one project for  corridor development and preparing a phasing and implementation plan for the corridor development project.

Integration of PMGSY with overall road development Selection of rural road to be developed as part of the PK4GSY would be integrated to ensure tota1 connectivity or all villages in the Stale. For this specific propose, the Government will priorities survey work for PMGSY and undertake surveys and other preparatory activities to link these  with overall with overall arterial road network in the  Start. The Government will also undertake cOnstruct on in suitable phases to east out the  yearly -financial burden.

Development of Linkages for agriculture industry and tourism: To improve improve linkages across the State the Slate, the existing toad network would be superimposed over the industrial, mining, agricultural. tourism and cultural map of the State to identify development projects.

Prevention of ribbon development : the Government will emphasize proper management of land around town roads, bypasses, overhead and under bridges, national and state highways, to prevent encroachments and traffic congestion. Accordingly, the Government will:

  •  Review road land plans will, khasra records for  roads passing though villages and small towns to identify and debilitate road boundaries.
  •  Fix norms for periodic inspection of state roads with a view to identify and free any encroachments
  •  Shift all blind corners and realign realign narrow corners to improve safety.
  •  Improve sharp curves and avoid future construction through village basits.
Emphasis on road maintenance: The Government will priorities road maintenance over construction of new roads. The average cycle for renewal of carriageways will the reduced to the accepted noon of 9-6 years. Traffic surveys will be conducted periodically and the renewal cycle for he4vy load bearing roads will be further reduced. The Government will also strictly enforce none relating to loading of vehicles and strict measures will be taken against overloading of vehicles
3.2   Private Sector Participation

The Government will promote private sector for the overall deployment of new roads and also to improve maintenance of existing roads, Accordingly, all road projects which are financially table i.e. where project  have an attractive rate of return, will he developed in the private sector tinder BOT,BOQT,BOLT, and BOO.

• Providing requisite administrative support and reduction in procedural delays.

 • Ensuring a speedy and transparent selection mechanism.

 • Creating enabling legislation and institutions.

Administrative support Government support for private sector projects would be.
across the following areas:
  • Land acquisition and environmental clearances 
  • Project preparation
  • Project feasibility enhancement
  • Financial support
  • Land acquisition and environmental clearances:

The Government  would be responsible for land acquisition as well as providing land on lease to the private developer. This would include clearances in town planning regulation to permit  use of land along project corridors. The government would also be responsible for obtaining all environments clearances.

Project preparation: The Government will prepare Detailed Feasibility. Reports (Dm5) for all projects proposed to be contracted out to the private sector The Government will also provide right-of-way and take responsibility for relocation of utilities mid resettlement and rehabilitation of people affected by the proposed projects, Depending on the financial viability of project, the Government may also recoup cost of the above activities.
  • Financial support: Depending upon the techno­econmic feasibility of projects, the Government would consider appropriate contribution in projects.
  • Project feasibility enhancement: Such enhancement can be t~Y6ugh the following:
Right for developing wayside amenities/facilities within and outside the project site during concession period.
Flexible concession mechanisms.
  • Bidding  and selection mechanism: The Government will adopt a transparent mechanism for the bidding of contracts and  selection of private entrepreneurs.

  • Creation of an Autonomous Body: the  Government would consider constituting an  Autonomous body. This body would be responsible for interfacing  with the private entrepreneurs for all  aspect  ranging from providing clearances, contract execution. construction monitoring, etc.

  • Enabling  legislation: The Government will undertake a comprehensive review of the legislative framework in the State fox development of  the road sector. This would include:

  • Preparation of Chhattisgarh Highway Bill, by suitably adopting the model highway act issued by  Government of  Amendments td the NIP Toll Act to broaden provisions relating to the levy of toll or user tax.

3.3  Dedicated Funding

The Government will create mechanism to ensure dedicated funding for the operation and Maintenance of  existing roads and also to catalyze new road projects in the State. The key elements of this strategy would be :
  •  Setting up a State Road Fund: The Government would set up a State Road Fund. 
  •  To ensure availability of  resources  for operation and maintenance  of  existing roads.

  • This fund would also be used for providing for capital contribution to road projects.

The specific aspects relating to the creation and operation of  this fund to include :

Earmarking revenue streams which would be the source of the fund
Creating a mechanism for polling of funds the Government would initiate suitable legislation for providing legal status to Fund.
Defining criteria for selection of road for funding.
Defining criteria for using the fund to provide.
Prioritization of Government Funding:
  • Government  funding for projects would be prioritized .High impact projects that are not commercially viable would be taken up on a priority basis. While Government funding for such projects would be brought under the plan budget the commitment of funds would be treated as a future liability and would to acknowledged separately in the State budget.
  •  Support  from funding institutions: The Government will actively seek the support of funding institutions including multilateral funding agencies for under taking mega projects, especially the development of  north-south ad cast we4t high speed access corridors.
  • Taking the bond route: The Government would consider raising funds for the road sector through issue of bonds from the public.
3.4 Capacity Building

 Tie key elements of this strategy would be:

 Shift in Government focus: 

  • Government institutions, especially the State PWD, would transform  being consultation focused to being development focused where in:

  • They play a pivotal role in managing and planning the development of road sector through progressively involving the private sector

  • Focus is on project management and adoption of superior contact management practices.

  • Adoption of modern technology The Government would encourage adoption of modem technology with appropriate mix of  lab our potential (employment)  construction and management of loads. Specific initiatives would include:

  • Use of modern equipotent like vibratory rollers. hot mi~ plants, road paves, etc. Availability of modern construction. equipment would he one of. the parameters considered while assessing the capability of private entrepreneurs

  • Use of  modern equipment like total stations. remote sensing devices for survey and investigation.

  • Use of  computerised applications like Global Positioning System, Geographical Information System and Pavement Management  System for road management 

  •  Adoption of modern specifications like wet-mix macadam, dense bituminous macadam, modifications in technical specifications for road works.

  •  Training of  Government offices on use of modem equipment and construction applications.

  •  Use of  prefabricated material in constitution of culverts and bridges.

Review of systems and procedures: 
  • The Government would institute wide ranging measures to improve, the systems and procedures followed by die worked departments, especially the Public  Works Department. These measures would cover the following areas: 

  • Systems for according administrative, financial and technical sanction.

  • Systems for budgeting and funds allocation through “Letter of Credit.

  • Assessment  of on goings liabilities and future liabilities from new works during preparation of  budget

  • Tendering system.

  • Revision and uniformity in ‘schedule of rates.      


4.0 Implementation and Monitoring :

      In order to ensure speedy implementation of the road policy, the Government would undertake the following an:

  • Constitution of an expert committee (with reprehensive from State and private developers) to prepare detailed guideline. for  facilitating  private sector participation in line with  the direction contained in this road policy. The expert committee would also suggest changes  in the existing legislation and frame new legislation, in line with the directions contained in this policy.

  •  Consider constitution of an Autonomous body for taking up project  in the private sector.